Fred Keeling left the Keeling Group in 2004 … “I took Keeling Juices with me because that was my baby! I was in the fruit business all my life … every summer holiday when I was of school age, and after I left school in 1967. Over time, I started making juices and smoothies for the supermarkets, and I had one obsession … to make the best juices that I possibly could. In one respect, it is remarkably simple … just squeeze the fruit, oranges mostly … and keep the juice chilled. The fresh fruit flavour is so intense … I have always loved the fresh taste experience. Which is why I am still shocked at how wrong other juices taste, especially the burnt taste from pasteurisation, or ‘re-flavoured’ juices that have been de-aerated in storage vats for many months … those tricks are great for cutting costs but they just kill the taste, and also the nutrients. So I became expert in juicing oranges for fresh juice … learning all the varieties of oranges, the difference in harvests from various parts of the world, and blending them all to create that fresh taste experience with consistent color and sweetness. I’m very proud that people like our juice and that we have won so many awards especially the People’s Choice Irish Quality Food award and Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards 2019”

“Our Rebrand … we have a new look that re-emphasises what we have always traditionally done … premium juice products with the fresh taste experience. The only thing that is changing is that we want to present the juice and the quality ingredients in the best possible way so that people know they are getting an authentic product … rather than an artificial tasting product.”

Fred Keeling
Owner / Director

With over 50 years experience with fruit, Fred has mastered the art of Orange Juice, blending oranges from different season harvests all over the world, his orange juice has Irish Food Quality Award “People’s Choice” and Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Award.

John Keeling
Finance & Information

Administration of finances and delivery of information services to the business.

Adrian Kavanagh
New Product Development & Operations

With specialist knowledge of all aspects of our operations, Adrian works with our clients to develop new products with desired taste, functional and quality requirements.

Mags Scannell
Orders & Customer Support

Every order from receipt to dispatch is managed by Mags who makes it her business to look after every customer.