Irish Breakfast Awards 2019

Georgina Campbell announcement at Irish Breakfast Award …. Fred Keeling’s family has a very long association with fruit farming in North Dublin, and his business Keeling Juices has a well-earned reputation for the quality of the natural juices and related products they’ve been making since 2004. Their varied range of cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices includes terrific orange juices and the popular Pure Green health drinks like ‘Beet Up’, ‘Liquid Lunch’ and Ginger Tonic’ – and what these ‘free-from’ products all have in common is a remarkable freshness of flavour. Made from 100% pure juice and without preservatives, their secret weapon is a natural preservation method known as HPP (High-Pressure-Processing) which keeps juices fresh longer without heating (pasteurisation) or additives, so the natural flavours are retained. The Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice with Bits, especially, tastes and smells as if it has just been squeezed and has a really refreshing, zesty flavour – and plenty of tasty bits in. It deserves a place on any breakfast menu where squeezing fruit daily on site is not a viable option – and hosts should be proud to credit in on the menu.


Award Presentation

Georgina Campbell, Tracey Coughlan, Fred Keeling, John Keeling, Neven Maguire


Award Breakfast

Neven Maguire & Georgina Campbell enjoying a delicious breakfast with Keeling Juices Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Discussing the products

Neven Maguire, John Keeling, Isobel Keeling, Fred Keeling & Georgina Campbell